The Oddibles are an energetic, four-piece cover band based out of Edmonton, Alberta. Comprised of four hard-working professional musicians, The Oddibles provide a refreshing fusion of high quality musicianship, and fun, energetic songs that you can dance to.


With a mix of tunes spanning several decades and multiple genres, they are a versatile choice for weddings and corporate functions, as well as live music venues. Featuring both keyboards and guitar, as well as solid three part harmonies, The Oddibles have a flexible setlist that can be adjusted to fit most events. Focusing on Pop and Rock music from the 70s and 80s, The Oddibles also regularly perform songs from genres such as Disco, Motown, R&B, and Country.

The Oddibles are the ideal choice for a fun, dance-filled night, and have tailored their setlist to eliminate the "filler" and play the songs you really want to hear. You never know what they'll play next!


MANDY REIDER (Harmonatrix)

// vocals // keyboards // rhythm guitar // boss lady


Mandy is a versatile vocalist, keyboardist, rhythm guitarist and bandleader  based out of Edmonton, AB. She is an honors grad of the MacEwan Music Program and currently works as a full time musician, primarily as a backing vocalist and rhythm guitarist for artists such as Amber Haydey, Renee Malo, Erin Haley and Mychela, and with her own country act, "The Mandy Reider Band." She also regularly works as a keyboardist and backing vocalist for groups including Mercy Funk, Vegas Wives and Carling Undercover, as well as the 2018 Project Wild winner, The Prairie States.

Despite her busy gigging schedule, Mandy considers herself to be just a choirgirl at heart,with an ear for complicated harmonies and a flair for rock, blues, jazz, country and pop.


// drums // vocals


In October of 1967, a particularly bashy and obnoxious boy was born.

Ten years later, this same boy would be out for dinner with his parents, and he would see a fellow human being, that surely must've been just as bashy and annoying, as himself. Only it was a lady, and she was drumming for a band in the restaurant. He was hooked!

Two years later, he would hear Cheap Tricks, "Ain't That a Shame", and would be forever altered by the drum solo at the start of the song.

Around 1988, he decided to play professionally and toured western Canada. He figured he may as well get paid for being bashy!!!
He still bashes away, for this band here, The Oddibles!!


// guitar // vocals


Some musicians need no introduction; having played for many years on the local music scene, they are known for their skills and style, and seem to know everyone in the community.

Jim is not one of them.

Growing up in a house where a radio was always on, Jim was fed a steady diet of popular music from the late 60s and 70s. Starting guitar at age 10, by high school he was playing 70s and 80s rock in various bands, where he met drummer Colin Shaw.

When many of his fellow musicians went on the road full time, Jim stuck with his day job but kept his hand in with part time bands and open stages over the years, more often than not with Colin on drums.

Jim joined the Oddibles purely for the fun of it, that being what The Oddibles are about.
Jim has a successful career in the IT industry and lives in St. Albert with his wife and 2 daughters.



// bass // guitar // vocals

Paul's been (almost) everywhere ... man! From Big Valley Jamboree to The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville to The Stardust in Las Vegas (and High Level) to cruise ships all around the world, Paul has played in a lot of great venues, stayed in a lot of crappy hotels and successfully fought off many erroneous paternity suits.

When not headlining on the Mongolian Throat Singing circuit, he can be found lending his guitar talents to many local acts including: The Shivers, Danita, The Dirt Road Angels, Trigger Finger and the Beat Generation. In his spare time Paul enjoys gardening, baking and practicing minor surgery

...Hey, what about those other guys?

Jim is of of that particular breed of musician that also somehow manages to be a grown-up with a full-time job and a family! How does he do it?
When we play shows that Jim is unable to be a part of, we're lucky enough to be able to call upon the talents of these three incredible musicians (who also happen to be borrowed from The Mandy Reider Band...)


// guitar // vocals


// bass // vocals


// bass // vocals